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Hydrofarms LED

Working with our customers, Hydrofarms Australia has partnered with one of the World’s largest LED manufacturers to bring you LED Grow lights to our exact specification. Fully dimmable Bar Panel and Quantum Board Style LED grow lights ranging from 200W-1000W are now available with a 3yr warranty. Rated for 50,000 Hours usage, these Grow Room Work Horses offers maximum “Bang for Buck” and we challenge you to find a comparable light with the same specs cheaper!

Our entire Range of LED Growlights are equipped with the Latest Samsung LM301H Horticulture Grade Diode (not the cheaper less efficient LM301B diode you will see on other brands). With a 2.9 umol/j diode efficiency in warm and daylight spectrum along with a mixture of red Osram 660nm and infrared 760nm diodes, our LED grow lights produce a full spectrum of light to grow from seed to harvest (see light spectrum results below*).

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*Hydrofarms LED Light Spectrum / Ratio / Results taken with the Assensetek Essence Lighting Passport and PPFD reading taken with the SpotOn Quantum PAR Meter by Innoquest Inc.

For Realtime Bulb Testing / Spectrum Display / PPFD / umol output, please contact us to arrange a site visit.