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Flawless Finish


Flush out chemicals and nutrients you don’t want, for better

 Advanced Nutrients Flawless Finish was scientifically created to help flush nutrients out of flowers and leaves. Flushing out nutrients from flowers and leaves, helps removes the chemical residue which help results in a lot better tasting crops, especially for various crops that are dependant on taste and texture.

As plants grow, they acquire through their tissues different chemicals through the

Then slowly as your plants deteriorate, they build up an excess of nutritional salts and other materials that can lower the calibre and the value of your finish product.

This buildup can be called overfertilization.

This results in crops that taste really bad, smell bad , and burn with a black ash, difficult to light and can irritate and harm your respiratory system leading to coughing and other health problems….

This is when flushing comes in!!

The most common way to flush is by giving their crops just water with no nutrients, however this doesn’t fully cleanse your crops. It just starves your plants, causing them to lose their ability to grow flowers and resin levels right before harvest.

You wouldn’t want that would you? 

Cleanse your crop the right way with Advanced Nutrients Flawless Finish!

Advanced Nutrients team full of expert created a superior flushing agent using thorough study of chelates and the distinctive genome of cannabis to protect heavy, strong, tasty yields while guaranteeing a clean final product.

And it’s the most effective approach to get the tasty, pure buds that your customers want.
Flawless Finish offers your plants a number of game-changing advantages.
To get a cleaner, safer finished product without a harsh, unforgiving potassium/ammonium aftertaste, a great chelator binds to heavy metals and removes them from your plants.

Additionally, Flawless Finish enables tissues to mature with a higher Carbon to Nitrogen ratio, releasing the sugar levels that lie beneath powerful, overpowering smells.
Additionally, it removes extra nitrogen at precisely the appropriate time, so yield size is never a concern.

How do I use Flawless Finish?

Four to ten days before you plan to cut your flowers for harvest, you should completely clean them.

At that point, you should empty your reservoir, refill it with fresh water, and add Flawless Finish—the only flushing formula that has been proven to completely clean the particular kind of plants you produce while also increasing their value.

You must understand that Flawless Finish is the only product designed specifically for your plants. This is significant because different plant species react to pre-harvest flushing in various ways, and since the efficacy of hydroponics flushing solutions directly depends on the testing and design of such products.

Allow Flawless Finish to circulate in your plants’ water for the remainder of your flushing time after adding it.

This process produces crops that are virtually completely free of extra salts and other loads, as demonstrated by thousands of tissue samples collected from the precise type of plants you grow.

Directions of use ;

Use 2 mL per Liter during the last week of the bloom phase.

Conversions: 1 Teaspoon = 5mL  |  1 Tablespoon = 15 mL  |  1 Ounce = 30mL  |  1 Cup = 240 mL

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