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GEOPOT FABRIC POTS were created after a need for a durable, reliable fabric pot targeted at serious cultivators became apparent. Our goal is to help cultivators achieve the best possible results, and Geopot fabric pots are the realization of this goal in practice.

They are also a great fun activities for kids to plant herbs, fruit or vegetables and watch them grow.

Geopot fabric pots are much better for your plants than plastic pots and more durable than other fabric pots, saving you some serious money in the long run. Geopot Fabric Pots are made of breathable geotextile fabric, which air prunes your plants’ roots when they reach the edge of the container, forcing your roots to branch out with more fibrous feeder roots, which are more efficient in taking up water and nutrients.


  • Aerated fabric pot – promotes healthy roots through air pruning, leading to better fruit and higher yields
  • Durable, washable, reusable for up to 5 cycles, making them a great buy for commercial and personal growers alike
  • Self-supporting square bottom design
  • Strong marine-grade stitching on handles and quad-stitch seam
  • Allows proper water drainage, and naturally keeps roots cool
  • Geopot fabric pots are available in Tan for those looking to provide extra reduction in root zone temperature
  • The handles on the Geopot Fabric Pot with Handles are constructed with marine-grade, durable stitching to ensure they stay happily attached – no matter the job
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