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SANlight EVO Series



Our passionate team of engineers have spent countless hours develo

ping the most advanced horticulture lighting system that’s currently available. We have gathered empirical evidence to optimize the SANlight EVO-Series for premier indoor cultivation. With light Efficacy above >3 µmol/j you will be hard pressed to find another LED grow light as efficient!

With our production in Austria, we ensure highest quality and reliability with our carefully picked high performance components, all while preserving resources from our planet earth. The EVO-Series is launched as the peak of evolution in plant lighting. Each model of the EVO-Series is designed for a sophisticated application to maximize plant performance in its unique environment.

When you choose the EVO-Series, we are convinced that you are choosing the best available product in the horticultural lighting market.

EVO 3-100          $2,095

  • 380W
  • 3x LED Panels
  • designed for tents 1.0m x 1.0m

EVO 4-120          $2,495

  • 500W
  • 4x LED Panels
  • Designed for tents 1.2m x 1.2m

EVO 5-150          $2,995

  • 640W
  • 5x LED Panels
  • Designed for tents 1.5m x 1.5m

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Compared to other horticulture LED luminaires, the EVO-Series stands out due to its unique design. The luminaires were developed to maximize plant performance and in order to do so, the EVO-Series took on a unique design with a slim modular construction. Our slim modular construction offers many advantages.


By using several luminaires, almost every position in your grow box is illuminated by two luminaires. The valuable light is distributed evenly
over the whole surface, reaching the leaves from different directions and angles. Shadows are minimised and photosynthesis is maximised.

No matter what light intensity you need or how big your cultivation area is, you will always find the perfect solution with the EVO-Series. Luminaires can be positioned individually, and the beam angle can be adjusted using the Easy-Tilting-System making it possible to achieve almost any light value up to 2000 μmol/m²/s. Also, as your cultivation area grows, so can your EVO-Series because you can purchase individual luminaires at any time.


  • PMMA Secondary Optics
    The secondary optics, which are perfectly matched to the luminaire, direct the light to the plants and ensure even light distribution in your cultivation area. In addition, the optics reduce losses due to stray light and protects the LEDs from dirt and chemicals.
  • Most Efficient LEDs
    For the EVO-Series, we have combined the world leading Osram UX3 High-Power red light with the most efficient white LEDs from Seoul Semiconductor to create a perfect light spectrum with exceptional efficiency.
  • Passive Cooling
    The disproportionate heat sink ensures the coolest LED-Chip temperatures. This has a positive effect on the light output and the service life of the luminaire. Even when dirty, the heart of your EVO luminaire remains cool and efficient.
  • Easy-Tilting-System
    With our Easy-Tilting-System the luminaire can be suspended horizontally or at any angle. When used in grow boxes, it usually makes sense to hang the luminaires at a slight incline (11°). The inclined positioning, in combination with our secondary optics, ensures homogeneous and diffuses light distribution in the cultivation area. In large open spaces the loss to non-planted areas can be reduced by suspending the luminaire from the outermost eyelet (17° inclination of the luminaire).
  • Flexible and Expandable
    Each luminaire in the EVO-Series has a 0-10V interface to which different types of dimming can be connected. You have the choice between the SANlight magnetic dimmer, the SANlight Bluetooth dimmer or you can dim your EVO via an external control. The matching adapter cables are available upon request.
  • IP65 Protection Against Water Jets and Dust
    All luminaires of the EVO-Series comply with the IP65 protection class: water jets and dust cannot harm the EVO luminaire. In addition, the individual light modules of the EVO-Series are hermetically sealed against the outside world. This is the only way to ensure that the sensitive mid-power LEDs are adequately protected against chemicals like cleaning or pest control products. The connectors used also comply with the IP65 protection class. You will be more at ease knowing your EVO-Series products are protected against moisture and dust.





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380W, 500W, 640W

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